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Re: How hard do you have to work to get Rhabdo?

Originally Posted by Ed Haywood View Post
Does age make you more susceptible?

Just wondering, because I've seen thousands of young men intentionally driven to exhaustion and collapse in the military, but never saw "rhabdo". Now all of a sudden you do an extra 2 thrusters and people are shrieking "watch out for rhabdo". I don't mean to downplay the danger, but I wonder if the power of suggestion is making people overly sensitive to a relatively rare hazard. I'd almost call it hysteria, but that is an inflammatory term.
I would think this is close to the truth.

At my affiliate, 2 Saturdays ago, we decided to do 2 WODs back-to-back, with exactly 10 minutes rest in between.
First WOD was Fran with chest to bar pullups, and the second WOD was Helen.
Those of us who did the WODs were all tired afterwards -- but no signs of Rhabdo.
My $0.02.

And if "age" does make people more susceptible -- what "age" are we talking about? I'll be 38 next month. But a lot of the members of the Affiliate are in their mid to late 20s. Should the "older" folks be worried, or the younger ones?

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