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Naval PST

I took the official timed Naval PST today and had some interesting results.
Pushups were harder because they didn't allow leaning rest, and situps were full FULL range of motion and had to be performed perfectly to count, it is for SEALs so i understand. So the timing goes like this; swim 500yd -10min break-2:00 max pushups down past 90 deg. and up to lock, no leaning rest or swaybacking-2:00 rest-2:00 situp max test perfect form-2:00 rest-Max pullups, DEADHANG no time limit- 10:00 rest - run 1.5 miles FINISHED.

Swim 500yd (with Combat Side Stroke) - 9:07 (new PR)
Pushups (perfect form) - 65
Situps (perfect form) - 65
Pullups (deadhang) - 18
1.5 mile run - 8:00

Looks like i just need to work on how the test is performed, and to the tests specifications, i have been able to pump out 98 and 95 pushups and situps respectivaly on my own and without keeping 100% perfect form...but it looks like i need to push the ability to do it as the test stipulates. Crossfit i can feel it in the muscles and everything, has helped immensly in my recovery ability, i was totally recovered (felt like it) with time to spare on all the recovery times. Oh an maybe next time i should cool it a bit on the swim so that i have more energy for everything else.
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