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Tim Alford
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Re: Tim's Life Changing Workout Log

Well today's workout.....was stupid. Lol and by stupid I mean it was hard and it hurt.

Warm up
2 rounds

20 KB Crossfit swings (35 lbs.)
200 meter run
40 walking lunges


95 x 3
125 x 3
145 x 2
125 x 3
95 x 8

Gotta work on form, especially when I'm a little tired or banged up. I felt like I could've done more weight (or should've done more weight) but I couldn't do it.

5 rounds

13 wall balls (20 lbs.)
13 squat high pulls with a KB (35 lbs.)
13 sit ups
13/13 split squat jumps

This was a tough one all around. I get the next 2 days off because of a golf tournament on Saturday and then the box is closed on Sunday so I'm excited to rest!
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