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Re: I say its Asthma, Doc says its CrossFit!

Originally Posted by Mike Hopper View Post
Another thing I would consider is called Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It is often brushed off as being asthma, but you don't get relief that asthma treatments provide..
Nailed it. If that's not what I have, I dont know what it is. I didnt know there was anything it could be BUT asthma, however, the above fits my symptoms MUCH more accurately. I have problems breathing in, not out and the inhalers dont really do much.
As a side note, I already have a neurological condition(epilepsy) and have an impant near my vocal cord to help control that (works like a pace maker, kinda.)
I am seeing my neurologist tomorrow and this will be at the TOP of my list to discuss with him.

I am BEYOND grateful for this info!
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