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Building muscle after starting strength

I have been reading this forum and crossfitting on my own for the past year. My first real CF workouts were doing the 2012 open. My problem was gaining weight and muscle mass. Before crossfit I mainly ran long distance. Long story short is I did 20 weeks of starting strength and gained about 25 lbs and all my lifts went up alot. I drank half gallon of whole milk a day and ate ALOT. I always recovered well and never felt fatigued or tired during work outs, granted I was not doing any Wods or any type of conditioning. (I was doing the program) Now I am at a weight I like, 180lbs 5'8". I am now doing CFSB.
My question is how can i recover well and still build muscle from the added work load but not go up any more weight (Fat). I have been doing CFSB for two months now. I am not leaning out.
My diet is:
-3 to4 Eggs for breakfast and 12 oz of blended friuts and vegetables
-pre workout shake = 1 scoop of protien- 1/2 cup of oats - 2 table spoons of olive oil - 16 oz of water.
-post workout- 16 oz grape juice with 5g creatine
-Another shake exactly like my pre workout
-some form of meats and another 12 oz of blended fruits and vegatables
-Sometimes a banana or yogurt before bed.
Am I missing something important for recovery or muscle growth? Do I need to continue with the whole milk or???
Thanks in advance, I am 31 years old
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