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Re: V's Log

Freaking awesome day today.

CF Spokane Valley

KBS @ 1pood
Weighted situps @ 20lb

Immediately followed by:

400m Med Ball Run @ 14lb
300 Single-Unders
400m Med-Ball Run @ 14lb
500m Row
Max Med-Ball Slams in 3min @ 14lb

Completed: 20:39 w/ 80 slams

First time I've done KBS with 1pood. Usually I use a 30lb bell. I kept a good pace throughout this entire workout, which made me happy.

I forgot my rope, so used a Rogue Rx rope that the box had. I got my first DU EVER. I was even able to alternate DUs between SUs. I need to ditch my whip rope (at least temporarily) and get another rope. I want to get the exact rope I used today, but no surprise, it's ~$35.

So after that, I tried to do my power cleans for the week. I need to stop trying to do heavy lifts after these workouts b/c it's never successful.

I was messing around a bit with the rings, and one of the guys there said that I had enough upper body strength to use a false grip and get up without a kip. So I worked on my grip a bit and got fairly close to getting a muscle up. That would have been the shiznit. It gives me hope that MUs may not be THAT far off for me.
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