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Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).

This thread might be over a year old, but it beats starting a new one, huh?

Yesterday I had a breakthrough: I finally, after many failed attempts throughout the last year or two, could find my PSOAS!!!

Ball against the floor filed. Pushing with the fingers as described in my Trigger Point Therapy book had failed numerous times.

But today, it worked. I found it. I have to to push quite deep, my fingers get tired after maybe 20-30 seconds. It is indeed quite tender.

Everything, and I do mean everything I've ever read pointed towards the psos being the cause of everything. Other books and authors kept repeating things like: if you have trigger points in the QL, chances are it's coz your psoas has problems, etc... I'll try to hit it at least 3x/day and see what happens over the next few weeks. I am actually kindof excited about this.
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