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Jeremy Froley
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Friday 060407


135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed and post time and load to comments.

substitutes = none
time = 6:09

i used the prescribed 135 lbs. i'm not sure i'm going deep enough into a squat when i'm catching my cleans, so i may have to get around to posting a video to the coaching section. either that or i'll get it fixed up at the USAW club coach course i'm going to in a couple weeks. i'm curious to see if my form is right on, or if i need to get lower, and how this may affect my time. other than that the workout went well. did the CFWU 2 times through prior to beginning. I can definitely feel the cumulative effect of the hammering of the traps lately!!
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