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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and we are both tired. My right calf was playing up yesterday after we were done. I got cramp in it 2 weeks ago which was a really deep cramp and i may have pulled it a little. So yesterday i did some rehab on it, felt so much better today.

Plan - never told the wife Core

Warm up
1km row, just as usual
pipe work and resistance band
general light stretch

20min i would say.

Plan EMOM until failure
We start with a baseline number which is the same number, +Xreps EMOM.

EMOM - Sit-ups +5
Wife - 20 + 21 = 71 reps
Myself - 20 + 24 = 74 reps

Took it easy on the first movement as we were tired, this got us going.

EMOM - Burpees +3
Wife - 12 + 12 = 42 reps
Myself - 15 + 13 = 58 reps

Oh these were horrible, we more or less know our limits and the results were more or less expected. I Think if we were not as tired this morning we could push it.

EMOM - KB Deadlifts +4 16/24kgs
Wife - 24 + 23 = 107 reps
Myself - 28 + 24 = 136 reps

These really activated your lower back, hammies and core.. they were tough at the end, grip was fine.

EMOM - Row +50/35m
Wife - 245m + 232m = 1212m
Myself - 250m + 287 = 1027m

If we had anthing left in the tank the row was going to drain the last of it. The wife did well on this and completed 1 round more than me. I almost completed 300 in 1min but came up just short.

Cool down
Not much, foam roller for 10min or so.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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