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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

I think you can count on the Rx Open working the weight loads more into the "heart" of the WOD. For instance, 13.1 did have an ascending snatch ladder that went up to 205#, but started at 75#. If that same type of WOD happens this year, I bet it starts at 95#, at least, and probably gets higher, sooner. I think the Rx division will see some new standards on other things, e.g.: 12'/11' wall balls, 30"/24" box jumps, and I think some advanced movements like MU (definitely ring, maybe bar this year?) will show up earlier in WODs, instead of being reserved just for the end (e.g., 14.4). I think this year's "waiting for you at the end if you get to it" may be triples!
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