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"So if i am going to try and consume over 5000 calories in a short window where and how can i consume and put down more calories????"

Good "bleeping" luck....You cant...unless you eat tons of the unhealthy calorie density stuff...thats why doing all those metcons will never put on serious mass on you. Look at someone who put on 20lbs...chances are...they lift heavy...2-3x a week little to absolutely no cardio...and eat anything and everything.....sure you put on fat...but stripping away the fat is the easy part. Plus I dont know how many grams of protein you get a day...but unless you are 1.0-1.5 g/lb of are not going to grow.

So you see the problem...if you are looking to put on 30lbs of muscle and keep the same body have a lot of work to do....but you have to see what is happening to your body and why. Hardgainer is an excuse...if you do 4 metcons a need like 3500 calories just to break even!! Alternate more...exercise's a simple math formula that works all the time...and people that keep saying "hardgainer" are just afraid to do the math.
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