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Man adding another 2000 calories to the diet seems hard. I prob average about 3000 right now. I am just not real sure how to add more calories to my diet. heres an example of an eating day for me:

Breakfast: 5 egg whites
2 whole eggs
large apple
handful of almonds
16 oz of OJ


Lunch: 2 4oz Pork Chops
Apple Sauce
Bag of Veggies (with oil on top)
banana and grapes
handful of veggies

Post workout shake
4 scoops of whey protein and water
(comes out to like 450 calories)

Snack: 5 oz chicken breast
bag of veggies with oil on top
handful of nuts
Dinner: 5 oz hamburger
large sweet potatoe

Before Bed: Handful of nuts...

So if i am going to try and consume over 5000 calories in a short window where and how can i consume and put down more calories????

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