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CFSB works

I had hit a plateau for a while as far as most of my lifts, then about 3 months ago started CFSB (actually even a slightly toned down version of it). Basically the first day I do BS 3 x 5 or 3 x 3 followed by a heavy metcon, same for DL the next day, then Wed/Thurs I'm either off both days, or do a heavy metcon one of those days. Friday I do FS same rep scheme, and Saturday I'll usually do 5 x 5 or 5 x 3 on the SP (I can only press like 114 lbs I think right now, I got skinny friggin' arms, and probably always will, so the weight volume is pretty low relative to my body size for SP, so I do more rep volume).

One of the biggest changes I made is actually following it like they say, WITH the "ramp up" cycle. Even today, 3 months into it, I've *never* had to reset any of my weights for missing a set. I started pretty low on my weights, and haven't had to change them yet. Before I'd struggle with a BS of 225 x 3, today I'm able to do that for 5 and still have room left for more. Deadlifts are through the roof. I started doing them with no hook grip, no alternating grip, to work on my grip strength, and releasing the grip at the floor for every rep, what a difference...

ANYHOW... Here's the results:
Start CFT:
BS - 255
DL - 310
SP - 108

Today CFT:
BS - 265 (probably 270, but I keep skipping to 275 thinking I can and barely miss)
DL - 350 (I ran out of attempts, probably had more in me)
SP - 114 (I think, maybe 116?)

They're not huge increases (minus the deadlift), but hey, I'll take what I can get with the SP, I'm already about maxed out with my current arm size, those suckers either need to get bigger or I need to just accept the fact that my arms are skinny little twigs. The DL though I'm crazy happy with, well over a 10% increase, and I'm not even sure if that's my limit yet. Who knows, I might have a 370lb deadlift in me if I tried it today...

Moral of the story: Contrary to CrossFit protocol, the CFSB program requires you to START LOW on your weights, and only go up the 5 lbs per week on the sets of 5's or 3's. When I tried it last time, I started near-ish my max, and in 2 or 3 weeks I was resetting already, and went *nowhere*.
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