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Re: Rx vs scaled down version of WODS

Originally Posted by Michael Holmes View Post
This article here is a long one (and I think it appears in this month's Performance Menu, available from wfs) wfs

The main message of it is in line with what Renee said about finishing it in the average time - to get the intended response and therefore benefit from a given workout you need to be going fast. Greg Glassman talks somewhere about results being correlated with intensity (power) and unfortunately intensity correlates quite well with discomfort.

The article linked contains more detail, but take Diane for example - if your deadlift 1RM is 100kg and you can't do any HSPU then you need to find a way to reduce the weight so you can blaze through it in a similar time to the firebreathers, then next time you'll probably use more weight, until you can do it as RX'ed. Find the way for you to express the most power and you will see most results
thanks for the article its long but a good read.
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