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Mark Roughton
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Thanks Pat. I think you're right on target. I was mostly having trouble getting up off the ground that first time without the elbows-to-knees assist I was getting with the frog. Now that I've gotten that first one, I figure improvements will come with time and persistence.

I really like that feeling when a new skill "clicks." For example, I was working on OH squats last night. I've been struggling with keeping my back vertical as I get deep (I tend to lean forward). For some reason, it occurred to me to try to turn my elbows out a little more and really press out against the collars...and all of a sudden, I was able to drop into the hole with very little effort. Not sure about the biomechanics behind that (maybe something to do with the spinal erectors), but it sure was a great feeling!

I'd also like to add a quick note of appreciation for the CrossFit program in general, and for everyone who posts on this board. I've been learning a whole lot in the past few's like every workout, and every new skill, is a new adventure and opportunity to learn. Thanks!
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