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Welcome to Crossfit. I'm sure you can make some great contributions with your medical background.

The Workout of the Days (WOD) are posted on the main page of the website following a 3-day-on 1-day-off format. Apparently, this gives the best balance between workload and recovery. Some people have successfully adopted a 5-on 2-off format to stay more in sync with the traditional work week.

Although Crossfit WODs will occasionally feature distance work, I don't think it's considered the bread and butter of the program. Several Crossfitters have seen improvement in their cardiovascular fitness without doing the muscle-devouring, timely distance work on a regular basis.

As far as heart rate monitors go, read David Wood's post at I think he does a nice job of summing up that issue. In that same post he refers to the Crossfit Journal. If you haven't done so already, start subscribing - it's an outstanding value in my opinion.

Hope this helps. Let us know when you start fighting!!!

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