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I would firstly just like to say what a great board this is, I have been educating myself on sports science mainly through bodybuilding sites so far. Its good to find a site more specific to sport and fitness.

i have just finished studying a masters degree in a medical science related subject and Iam hoping to put what i have learnt about training and sports medicine into practice. For the last 6 years i have been training in Muay Thai (Thai boxing)on and off depending on other commitments and circumstances. Iam about to leave uni and hope to start training more seriously and compete in my sport.

I have looked through the crossfit workout and believe it is a good all round workout for developing strength, power and endurance relative to sport.

Forgive me if i have missed anything but i have not seen anything on how many times a week these exercises should be performed or anything about running over various distances (e.g. heart rates, HIIT etc).

I look forward to contributing to and learning a great deal from this site.

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