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“You put a Kung-Fu or Aikido sytlist in a real fight and they come to find out that they're fancy wrist locks and "dead" sparring (as Matt Thorton would put it), are useless. When someone is actually resisting you it's a different ballgame.”

OK, perhaps I am missing something, but you are making it seem that the UFC matches are not real competitions. In that, I mean it seems that when a person is put into a submissive hold, they do it freely and willingly, if I am to understand you correctly. As opposed to an actual assailant who is really trying to keep from being held. If I am misinterpreting your analysis please let me know.

As far as your point about JKD, I’ll agree. I’ll even say that JKD paved the way for other directly applicable modern art forms such as Krav Maga for example. I wouldn’t necessarily call certain MA techniques useless though. They are still to be appreciated all the same, if for nothing else, for the beauty of motion.
Just my HO and 2c.
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