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Re: Thoughts on new movement standards...

Originally Posted by Vic McQuaide View Post
Judging nightmare right? Eye level when its going so fast. Now you have to make sure the athlete hits both sides of the db on the ground, goes all the way up, locking out and then have to watch the transition? Seems needless to say the least.

Two feet out and in. Do the feet have to be even or just land with two feet? How wide can you go? Again tough for judges who are not getting paid and makes it easy for someone to do not so much new standards and call them new. Seems un needed.
I agree. Judging nightmare for sure! I do like the difficulty the new burpee standard brings but still leaves room for people to "cheat" or make the movement less hard. Do the feet need to stay between the shoulders? Can they go outside the hips? What if one foot gets caught up on the stand/returning of full extension?

I think the dumbbell rule is going to cause a lot of trouble. What if the athlete completes the rep of a DB snatch, then as they are lowering themselves, and the DB down, towards the ground and they change above their eyes? They clearly would be lower than their eye level but since they are lowering themselves down to start another rep they are no-repped.
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