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Re: ACSM, NSCA, ACE, USREPS: Your Aspiring Fitness Overlords

The message about Gatorade is spreading: Is Gatorade Fuel or Folly? Canadian Study says Sports Drinks are Ineffective.

Steve Cheung, professor and a Canada research chair in environmental ergonomics and the lead author of the study, says the message that dehydration affects performance simply did not stand up to scrutiny.
“Your body is more stressed with dehydration. So no questions there,” he said. “But the performance was not different. And also none of these competitive elite athletes were at any (health) danger.”

Another study from the Atkins Center for Weight and Health at UC Berkeley says a larger trend is at play. While sales of sodas are falling rapidly, a new category of drink has emerged under the glow of a “Health Halo”. The study claims to be the first scientific look at 21 popular sugary drinks that make health claims.
“Despite the positive connotation surrounding energy and sports drinks, these products are essentially sodas without the carbonation,” said Dr. Patricia Crawford, the lead author of the study. “Rather than promote health as claimed in advertising, these drinks are putting our children’s health at risk.”

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