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Re: Need help with my 531 BBB

Originally Posted by Hakan Yilmazkaya View Post
I'm also doing the reverse program, i find deadlift after deadlift or bench after bench is consuming and boring. Rippetoe and many other s&c coaches suggests gaining endurance is far easier than gaining strength, that's why i want to get stronger first than mostly focus on technique and endurance. To be more clear, i wish to get stronger to be a crossfitter.

Thanks for the reply man.

Edit: Ah i forgot to ask. Have you done anything with oly lifting when you were on bbb ?

I work in squat cleans, power cleans and hang during my deload week, fairly heavy single and triples. However, the power clean seems to be my "go-to" movement. Also did some jerk variations on the press days, both in/out of metcons. I also do them during my 3 week cycle as well, just dont have a strong focus on them. I tend to use my deload week on the stuff I really hate the most (weakness's). I stray away from snatches (anything over 135) after some nagging shoulder injuries, and mobility issues. Just not worth the risk to me at age 36.
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