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Re: Need help with my 531 BBB

Originally Posted by William Garrett View Post
Its good you have addressed your concerns early in the game instead of mid stride, and constantly changing things then expected to see the desired outcome without a definitive plan in place.

I have dabbled with BBB in the past, and I have found it to be brutal if you truly push the percentages to the 50-60% area on your 5x10's, recovery becomes key as he suggests, and sometimes impossible haha.

There is also a variation of BBB that swaps the 5x10 sets with the other exercise. I gave this a shot, and really liked the gains I saw. See link looks alot llike yours btw.


Don't over think conditioning, its not that hard. Wendler is a huge fan of sprints, pushing and pulling whatever you can get your hands on, farmers walks, rowing sprints, loaded carries etc. Just do something, and do it with some intensity, your legs will move trust me. I have always done my deadlift and squat days at the opposite end of the spectrum with 2 off between. I have found the best recovery doing this. Again, dont discount the importance of recovery when the load, and reps are super high like BBB.

I typically like to program something in that will complement the main movement into a small metcon in the 8-12 min area. My squat day on Monday was the basic strength sets, then a 12 min Metcon of 8 wallballs, and 100m farmers walk with 70lb KB in each hand. That was a burner, and it was simple.

Conditioning is also what you make it, Im an avid mountain biker, and I usually ride 2-3 times per week, 1-2 hours when im out, and I also downhill mountain bike, those days can be just demanding as the days on the weights if you push yourself. Push in those areas where you would normally stop or slow down. Just because your not in a gym next to a barbell doesn't mean you cannot inflict punishment and see progress.

Based off what I see you need to condition more if your desire it to be "competitive" at any contest level. Thats just my 2 cents though, im sure others will chime in with far more knowledge and experience than I have.

Good Luck!
I'm also doing the reverse program, i find deadlift after deadlift or bench after bench is consuming and boring. Rippetoe and many other s&c coaches suggests gaining endurance is far easier than gaining strength, that's why i want to get stronger first than mostly focus on technique and endurance. To be more clear, i wish to get stronger to be a crossfitter.

Thanks for the reply man.

Edit: Ah i forgot to ask. Have you done anything with oly lifting when you were on bbb ?
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