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Need help with my 531 BBB

Guys i've been doing 531 alone for 5 or 6 months and i have been progressing without any problems. After my cut, i wanted and needed to gain some lean mass (5"11 164 lb), so i started 531 with Boring But Big template. This is my schedule and i'm planning to do that for at least 1 year to be a stronger and more competitive guy;

Monday:531 Press +5x10 Bench superset with 5x6 chins +30 burpee chinups
Tuesday: 531 Squat + 5x10 Deadlift + 5x12 weighted abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 531Bench+5x10 Press/5x5 pullups +3x6 dips +30 burpee pullups
Friday: 531 Deadlift + 5x10 Squat + 5x12 weighted abs

Saturday: Dirty thirty day
Sunday: Rest

Now my questions;

1- I can't program my metcons and i feel like a powerlifter, not a crossfitter, that makes me sad. Wendler suggests doing your conditioning after lower body days but i can't really move my feet effectively after a squat-deadlift day, so i just find the energy to do my abs work, no metcons after. On upper body days i superset my 5x10 sets with pulls or chins. Wendler says complete 50 reps with pulls or chins, that's why i'm doing the burpee-pullups or burpee-chinups thing at the end of the day. On saturday i decided to do filthy fifty but it was so hard for me to complete, that's why i decided to make it a dirty 30. Do you think that much conditioning is enough to at least maintaining your condition and keep your heart healthy ? If not what would you suggest me to do ? Also do you think i can count playing tennis for 1 hour as a conditioning work ?

2- Oly lifting. I was planning to do snatches before squat and power cleans before deadlift but i tried it for a week and lower body days are even more consuming, i feel like i've been overtrained, that's why i removed them from my schedule. Do you think you need to do power cleans to get stronger with power cleans or it increases as you get stronger with main lifts and improve your technique ? I don't wanna say omg i forgot power cleans and work for power cleans for 2 more years after 2 years of dedicated working out, that's why i need your opinions on oly lifting.

Also Would be glad to hear if you want to criticise my schedule too, i want to learn more and more, that's why i'm always happy with hearing people's thoughts. Thank you.
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