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Re: Shoe Recommendation for Metcons/Running

Originally Posted by Jon Campbell View Post
I have a pair of Inov 8 F195's and love them. My only complaint is they didn't hold up very well. I can still wear them but have had to super glue the end of the heal back on where in comes up on the toe. They still work fine though. If you didn't get a pair with the rope tec (what ever it is called) then don't do rope climbs in them, the rope will eat the sole up. I also have a pair of Nano 2.0 and I like my F195's much better. They feel lighter and seem to fit my foot better. I wouldn't run more then a mile or 2 in either pair but for shorter runs the Inov's are hands down better, for me.
They have the thing on there for rope climbs. I don't do rope climbs that often anyway.
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