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Sean Maguire
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crossposted from the North American Kettlebell Federation Site
A good pre Turkey Day Event.
Here is how it will work.
Create an event using KBs by posting in the event forum w/ "November 2005 Postal meet event" and some other descriptor and describe the event
Time limit
# of bells, size of bells

and the rules used to determine a winner.
Indicate your participation in an event by posting your intention in the thread for that event.
Compete in as many events as you like.
As an example-

November 2005 Postal meet event- get it up for reps
Time Limit- 10 minutes
# of bells- 2 (can just use 1).
Size of bells- up to lifter, same size bell must be used throughout.

Take the bell(s) from touching the floor or the hang position into the overhead lockout position whatever way you can-, snatch, clean and jerk, clean and press, TGU, or whatever else you can come up with.
You do not need to stop the bell at a dead hang at the bottom - that is continuous GS style snatch and cleans are permitted.

1 bell movements get 1 point, 2 bell movements get 2.

Winner (for each bell size) is whoever gets the most points .
( I then reply)
I'm in with the 32s at around 80 kg.
(I then complete the event during that week and reply)
38 reps w/ the 32s at 79.5 kg.

Come on- it will be fun.

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