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Starting a new workout journal here, as my old one was listed in the "Workout of the Day" section. Guess it's been a while...

The Plan:

2 "standard" CF metcons per week, I don't bother timing them, I find it counter-productive to my musculoskeletal health (more injuries are incurred for the sake of "points").

2 ME-style workouts per week mostly involving gymnastic holds for the upper body, and squats/deads/OL for the lower body.

2 easy days, one involving full lower-body Z-Health training (I-Phase and R-Phase) and Super Joints drills, one involving upper body Z-Health and Super Joints drills, also including balance and proprioceptive training on those days.

1 weekend day where hilly fixed-gear bike riding sandwiches a walk/hill-run with the dog and the family (the dog gets there via my wife and her car). This can be split into 2 separate days, or on some weekends the bike will be dropped and all walking will be done if more recovery is needed. The mobility days and the weekend days can be combined if desired.

So, on to today's workout. I call it the "Messy 25", because it's definitely not the "Filthy 50".

Warmup (this is a pretty standard warmup for me right now, I will be subbing in more gymnastics-type exercises as I go along, I really want to build the strength for the gymnastics exercises):

Z-Health: Normal speed, m/l tilts, toe pulls, ball-of-foot, hip circles, pelvic circles, lumbar circles, thoracic circles.

3' jump rope (goal is to work up to Renegade 3' pattern)
15 wall squats (a la Pavel's ETK book)
45" wall HS
8 pullups on AF bar
15 reverse hypers no weight
15 GHD situps
15 OHS with PVC
7 pullups on AF bar
45" wall HS
15 back extensions (rounded back)
15" Samson stretch

"Messy 25"
25 hip-height hurdle jumps
25 ring jumping pullups
25 35# KB swings
26 walking lunge steps
25 knees-to-elbows
25 45# push press
25 hip extensions
25 35# KB bottoms-up thrusters
25 burpees
25 double unders (all done as singles, learning the timing and speed at this point).

I felt much less "wasted" after that workout than the last time I did a 50'+ "Filthy 50". I'm very happy I cut down the volume. That's all for now.
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