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I'm finally starting another workout journal...this time here so that I make sure to enter it and it's more easily accessible than the WOD page.

If anyone has health questions to ask, please start another thread, I'd like this thread to stay as much about my workout journal as possible.

My current (arbitrary, by any standard) goal is to reach all of the "Skill Level III -- Blue
advanced athlete" accomplishments in the CF North Athletic Skill Standards. I have chosen to complete every single skill accomplishment at both levels leading up to Level III. Yes, that does mean I will be doing some relatively easy "tests" (like today's workout). I enjoy the small accomplishments, this approach gives me more opportunities to reach goals.

My current bodyweight is around 175#, 6' tall, at approximately 6-7% BF. I'm not interested in competition, only my own accomplishments, as that is all I can affect.

So, to begin.

Short, focused I-Phase session (SFS)--Elbows, wrists, hands, fingers...3 reps

50 Air squats (Level I, done)

10 Pushups (Level I, done)
Pushups are always done on handles, nose-to-floor.

Yesterday's WOD, my version:
Back Squat 175# x 1 (Level II, done)
"B" Squat (R foot forward) 175 x 1
"B" Squat L 175 x 1
Back Squat 175 x 1
"B" Squat R 175 x 1
"B" Squat L 175 x 1
Back Squat 175 x 1
All back squats are high-bar, "jumping" stance, OL style, using a Manta Ray.
"B" Squat
This exercise is brilliant, IMO. I've had people squat deeper "normally" after performing a couple reps of this on both sides! I don't ever leave it out of a squat workout anymore.

1 round of FlowFit yoga
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