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Re: I need you to guess what I weigh. (Pic)

Back in April I posted something similar in the Nutritional forum. I was also 5'10" and weighed 153. Based on the feedback that you're now getting, I went on the Simple Yet Effective Strength and Conditioning program (70s Big) and started eating. A lot.

Now I'm at 172 and setting PRs in every lift. Clothes are fitting differently, so the changes are now being noticed by everyone (Before no one noticed if I had marvelous abs). I feel great and I'm really enjoying the added strength. I haven't done a WOD in a while, but I know that I would do a lot better at them now performance-wise.

And the best part? My wife really likes the added weight, and quite prefers it. As for me (and my wife), it's been better to eat, lift and look heavier.
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