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Re: I need you to guess what I weigh. (Pic)

Originally Posted by Rebecca Roth View Post
If you put on 20lbs of muscle, your body will no longer magically gravitate down to 150, I promise.

What are your 1RM BS, DL, C&J and Press?
I haven't taken much time outside the daily wods to practice 1 rm's, but so far I'm around 225 bs, 315 dl (3rm), 145 c&j? (it's been like 3 months) and my last 1rm press was 150. My legs have always been weak... that's been my biggest hurdle since starting. I never did oly lifts before so I'm still learning a lot of form. Right now I suck at most of the lifts. I enjoy pullups, hspu, and muscle-ups a lot more so I tend to ignore the important stuff. I know, I know...

Originally Posted by Stu Christensen View Post
Wait a second, stop the bus.

You trained bodyubuilding for 4+ years and ended up at 5'10" and 175lbs? Seriously?

Looks like you're a lot more successful with CF than you were BB.

Tamara is right, put on at least 20 pounds.

Shoot, I'm 5'11" and about 230-235 and I feel small some days.
I never said I was bodybuilding! I was following a bb-type routine. Isolated muscle movements, low reps, lax pace- the usual for globo gym goers.
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