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I have to do this...I was a ring specialist in HS and for a year in college. I haven't swung in years, then I started Crossfit. Like others I wanted to save some money so I made rings. Rope, nylon tubing and PVC pipe. I was able to crank off some muscle-ups, but they didn't feel smooth and hurt the hands; also they were not portable (I had them in my garage, my gym is in the basement). Last week I broke down and spent the $80.00 for Power Rings. The rings came last weekend when I was rockclimbing! I came home, wrapped the rings in tape and waited for a WOD which uses rings (I did some ring dips to test them out). Well yesterday was the day. I cut down the old homemade rings and hung the power rings, took about 2 minutes or less to set perfectly. Cranked off two muscleups and it felt like high school. Damn, I wish I bought these eariler. Made me want to try all of the old strength tricks. These things are solid, well thought out, fun, and perfect for a home gym. Save up and buy these, I wish I did a year ago. Now I need that GHR bench to complete the home gym. . .a reverse hyper would be nice, and. . .
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