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Greg Amundson
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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Hello friends,

I have not posted to the message board for several years. Although the board serves a wonderful purpose, I spend most of my time in direct and personal human communication.

However, many of my friends, and several complete strangers, have contacted me and asked for a public statement regarding the Anthos situation. I've felt compelled to answer their requests.

When I reflect on CrossFit, my memory takes me back to a cold December morning in Santa Cruz, CA. I opened the door to CrossFit Santa Cruz, and none other than "Coach" Greg Glassman extended his hand, and welcomed me into both his gym and his family. Coach immediately became a father-fugure to me, as my dad had passed away from cancer only a few months before we met. With the exception of my dad Raymond Amundson, no other person has had such a profoundly positive influence on my life as Coach Glassman.

I've done my best the past twelve years to be a good ambassador for CrossFit, and to set a positive example in my life that others may follow. This is what Coach and my dad taught me to do. I'm only human though, and I've made some mistakes, and learned some lessons, many of them the hard way.

After nearly fourteen years in Law Enforcement and Military Service, I've found it's important to have a good partner, and solid back-up you can trust your life with. Like many of my friends, such as Dave, Nicole, Rory, Paula, Jordan, Lynne, Pat and Jeff have posted, I've got Coach's back. And I've got the back of the larger CrossFit community as well.

We must remember to focus on the areas of our life we have direct influence over. CrossFit Inc. has the World's best legal team in the fight. I trust Dale and the HQ Legal Department to win the fight.

Our job as Trainers and Athletes is to be the best Trainers and Athletes we can be. We must strive each day to set a positive example in our gyms and in our lives for others to follow. Take care of your Athletes, take care of yourselves, and remember what Coach Glassman taught us all: "When you get home, knock on your neighbors door and teach them how to squat."

Greg Amundson
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