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It all started when I needed a stopwatch. I thought, hey, I have an iPod (actually about 5), and my iPod has a stopwatch, so I am good. And indeed for timing workouts or doing laps it is fine. But what about interval training?

My prior interval training had all kinds of different timing, so it was difficult to track. Then I found CrossFit and Tabata intervals - nice consistent 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Beautiful. But my iPod still doesn't do intervals! And why would I buy an interval stopwatch when I already have a stopwatch and the only thing missing is intervals?

So I figured out a system for making my iPod into a Tabata timer. Now I am not the first to do this, but I checked the other efforts and found them wanting.

My system consists of tracks that have a 5 second entry, 8 Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off), ending with a 5 second exit. This means that you can randomize the Tabata tracks and will always have 10 seconds of rest between the exercises - perfect. I also have a 1 minute rest track. The rest track can be used when building playlists for events like Tabata Fight Gone Bad - it won't work when randomized, of course (I could tack a minute at the end of each Tabata track for that, though...hmmm good idea).

Anyway, before I unleash a library of Tabata tracks on the CrossFit universe, I would like to get feedback on the first couple tracks. There are completely original tracks I made in GarageBand so there are no rights issues.

Please post your comments here. Thanks,

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