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Re: Newb Needs Help


Congrats on joining the program! That's solid weight for a newcomer.

Those numbers look great for a first effort. A lot of people start with a warmup (not much, though), then record their last 5 sets. Mark Rippetoe, the resident lifting guru on Crossfit, recommends ALWAYS starting with the empty bar (45 lbs), then doing a couple small sets in between 45 lbs and your working weight. He's got a great video on the back squat:

If you like that, he's got lots of resources on the web, and an awesome book on barbells. He's also a Really Funny Dude.

As for safety, I've found the most important keys to be: head down (protect your neck), knees track over the feet (protect your knees), spine locked in normal curve (protect your back). I find that I have to really concentrate on the cue "knees out" to keep them where they need to be. If you're more curious, Rippetoe has a Q&A forum at ************ that has tons of useful info, and the squat-form sticky alone is a great resource.

Good luck and have fun!

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