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Re: Newb Needs Help

I am just starting out as well. I have a history of weight lifting but I am much older now (43) and I want to stick with this program long term and I am easing myself into it slowly and safetly. I did the same work out and it looked like this.

1- 95
1- 100
1- 105

I weight 271 and compete in BJJ. I know I could throw a lot more weight up but then again I don't think that is the point of this program. I am going for mechanics to include saftey first and then when I am comfortable with the movements I will then start to increase intensity a bit at a time. I figure I will be in the slow lane for a couple of months just to get in the groove. I was very humbled by the fact that I could not do even one pull up. I hate that fact now but I will point to it as a pityfull starting point later down the line and I know I will smile about it. Keep up the struggle. The juice is worth the sqeeze.
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