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Re: How much space needed for two-three people to do WOD simultaneously?

Originally Posted by David Wood View Post
At the risk of saying something both obvious and useless . . . it depends on the WOD?

Some workouts require little more than a pullup bar and a place to do burpees . . . others *should* have 12' x 17' for one person (e.g., Linda).

I think you'd be able to do some WODs with 3 people in 12x17, but certainly not all. Fresno's not too bad in winter, but gets plenty hot in summer (I was born there ) . . . can you drag stuff outside?

Thanks, David. This helps a lot. I know what you are saying about "depends on the WOD." Guess I'm just kinda looking for a gauge. My husband just ran some drawings and I guess we're now looking at covering approx. 300 sq. feet with mats just to be safe. (We can never do anything in a small way.

As for Fresno, golly you are right about the heat! We moved here from Maryland last July and this 114 (although, a dry heat) is pretty darn toasty! We are going to run lots of fans and train early mornings on those 100+ days. Wish us luck!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. We really do appreciate it!

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