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Re: Opinions on buying T-shirts?

[QUOTE=Tim Alford;1250103]
Originally Posted by Sonia Souza View Post
I was curious and wanted to ask a few questions about what do you look for when buying t-shirts.

What draws you in to buy a shirt?

Color of shirt?
Style or brand of shirt (Hanes, American Apparel, etc)?
Specific Company Logo/Brand (ex. Rogue)?
Design or funny saying on shirt?
or anything else that you can think of.

We just launched an apparel business and would like to see what the industry may be lacking or what people want. I thought it would be wise to ask people of this forum.

To answer your questions.
Color? Most Crossfit shirts I have are gray or black. Not sure why, but that seems to the go to for everybody's box/Rogue.

Brand: American Apparel...all day long.

Specific Company: I live in Columbus, so it's easy to drive over to Rogue and buy some shirts. I also pick up shirts whenever I travel to another box.

Design: This is personal, I have 3 or 4 shirts that just say Rogue in different fonts, I have 2 Froning shirts because he's awesome, multiple box shirts (just because it's cool to have shirts from all over the US). I also tend to lean towards the "USA" type shirts, call me a homer but I am proud to be an American so that factors into what I buy on a granular level.

Ultimately for me, I wear American Apparel shirts every day, even if the shirt isn't a "Crossfit" shirt, I'll still wear it to workout or relax in, they are just so comfortable.

Hope that helped somewhat! I'm looking to get more shirts with different colors, black/gray is great but I need some primary colors in my wardrobe!
Thanks Tim and yes it did. Must be nice to be close to them especially with buying equipment. Anyways, I agree their shirts are top notch. I have many as well and love the feel of American Apparel. The shirts are very soft compared to other brands. Another brand that I wear is Nextlevel and this brand is used in boxes around me. Homer? Nah, I love the "MADE IN THE USA" and will always support those types of businesses first. Thanks again and great insight.
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