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Re: Opinions on buying T-shirts?

Originally Posted by Sonia Souza View Post
I was curious and wanted to ask a few questions about what do you look for when buying t-shirts.

What draws you in to buy a shirt?
The design mostly combined with the price. For me, anything over $25 is too much for a t-shirt

Color of shirt?
Black is always great but colors are great for summer - blues, greens, reds. I don't really like white or grey t-shirts because whites tend to get greyish pretty quick and I sweat way too much during work outs to wear grey!

Style or brand of shirt (Hanes, American Apparel, etc)?
American Apparel and Next Level are my favorites. The Hanes tagless blended tees are also really comfortable. Blends in general seem to be softer and more comfortable.

Specific Company Logo/Brand (ex. Rogue)?
Has more to do with what's on the shirt and the fit than the logo/brand. I really like Rogue shirts because they are really comfortable. I find the surf brands (Billabong, O'Neill, Hurley) also have a great fit and the material is really soft which = comfort. For me, the fit is key and if I am between sizes for a particular brand or they fit "boxy" then I go elsewhere.

Design or funny saying on shirt?
I like simple and prefer designs. I'm not into tees with random sayings on them, strange references to a "snatch" or how much people hate burpees.
Hope that helps, good luck!