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Life as Rx

anyone see this site? wfs

absolute ****.
my chief complaints:

1) over priced

2) Toolish. reminds me of affliction shirts

3) this is the absolute worst. The "Heroes" T-shirt. this enrages me. it is basically just a shirt with the names of fallen soldiers printed on it, and sold for someone's personal profit. this exploitation of fallen patriots is sickening. why not leave the names off and just have a soldier on the shirt? oh yeah, because the names on the shirt leave people who arent "in the know" scratching their heads wondering who these men are, and makes you look super tough and mysterious, which brings me back to #2- it's toolish, because having names of people you never knew printed on your shirt because you think you are sweet, is just lame.
BUT HOLD THE PHONE! Willie, they are donating $5 dollars to the wounded warrior project for every shirt sold! they arent exploiting them for personal profit, they are doing it for our troops! how noble of their donation! Wrong! they charge the consumer $5 more for this one product compared to the other shirts (brings me back to #1). so you just paid their noble cause, while they get the props. they probably get a tax write-off for this as well.

@Life as Rx: you are a disrespectful company with horrible business ethics. i could have let 1 and 2 slide, but you have crossed the line.
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