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Originally Posted by Michael V. Erickson View Post
The weighting is consistent in that it is set by your peer who does the best in each event. I believe the large differences in best to worst score will show up in the events where there is a special skill. Driving a spike is cake if you've done it a lot, an exercise in frustration if you have not. The biggest differential in best/worst relative scores was in event seven.

I've finished the PPS scoring of the womens event: Here is the final placement and scores:

Clever, Kristan - 7,053.73
Vale, Charity - 6,979.75
Kepler, Carey - 6,492.38
Wagner, Tanya - 6,268.24
Gentry, Jolie - 6,026.23
Olson, Jenny - 5,850.70
Smith, Lindsey - 5,839.27
Dunsmore, Sarah - 5,781.88
Kroon, Stacey - 5,771.16
Phillips, Christy - 5,724.47
Thorisdottir, Annie - 5,698.10
Mcreynolds, Crystal - 5,625.83

Tanya dropped because of a relatively poor performance in the last two events, especially event 7.
Just finished watching the games videos, so have come into the scoring debate very late. Just like to say after watching the women's games that I thought positions maybe different on some sort of relative performance scoring as opposed to relative position. Wasn't looking forward to proving it. Thanks for doing this Michael. Do you have the spreadsheet you did this on? Would you be willing to make it available?
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