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Re: Finishing Hard on Time-Priority WODs

For me, it depends on the day, and how I'm feeling at that point in time. Sometimes I have those days where I would like to just cruise into the finish as well, damn my PR, more reps, more weight, ect.

There are also those days where I'm feeling really good and that PR is in sight, more weight is doable, more reps will hurt but the pain of failure will sting me more if I don't continue.

It's always a mind game... Your body is capable of great things, it's just hard to wrap your mind around that concept.

Next time you have 30-45 seconds left on the clock and you are NOWHERE near finishing the round, have faith in the fact that you went all out for those last 45 seconds and got an extra couple of reps in even when you didn't think you had it in you. That feeling of accomplishment is much more satisfying than saying to yourself "well, I wasn't going to finish that round anyway..."

Always strive for improvement, even if it is miniscule.
Just my thoughts. Hope they help you in some way on another.
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