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Re: Sinus Surgery - Recovery

Originally Posted by Eric Dewees View Post
For those who have had the surgery. Has it worked? I might need to have the surgery later this year.
The surgery I had worked very well for me. I sleep better and have fewer colds.

The recovery wasn't even so bad. I walked out of the hospital an hour after surgery and think I only missed 2-3 days of law school and work. (Which I spent on my couch with my casebooks and Blackberry.) I've had bouts with flu that were more disruptive.

Lots of irrigation (blood and gore - yuck) and sleeping sitting up for a couple of nights was rough. But after the first night, I didn't feel any need for the pain meds they prescribed.

YMMV enormously, of course, and the benefits have to be weighed against the risks of anaesthesia and surgery.

On the "return to CF" aspect, I also should mention that if you start working out prematurely and tear your stitches, you may end up having your sinuses packed with gauze. I had to have that once as a kid, and can assure you it'll put a bigger hurt on you than not working out for two weeks.
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