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Re: Ryan's Quest to Learn the Snatch

Duke, will doing the exercises with just a bar be enough effort to get a training effect? If light weights are still worthwhile, it would be easier to incorporate them into what I'm donig now.

Also, I see your point about technique vs strength. I didn't mean to inply technique was not valuable (otherwise I wouldn't be posting here!) but rather that I think my lack of strength is affecting my ability to have good technique. In another thread a while back I was told that the weight I was lifting was so light I could get away with a lot of things I couldn't get away with when I lifted heavier. I'm only lifting another 5-10 lbs more now, so I'm still in the range of being able to get away with mistakes.

Overall I think the most valuable suggestions have been stance and grip width. Before this suggestion I was wondering how good lifters leaned so far back in videos. Now I realize it's because when the grip is wide, leaning back actually moves the bar above the hips, vs a narrow grip where leaning back barely moves the bar above mid-thigh and puts me off balance. I'll pay a lot more attention to this next time around, and look forward to either improving, or falling flat on my butt a lot. Either way, I'll be learning something!
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