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Re: Kelly Moore's Crossfit/competition KB log

Thanks Kelly, for giving us a glance into what you eat on a typical day. I can guess you are a very light eater, at least as it appears above, and would be worried your intake would be enough to satisfy hunger and sustain enough energy. Obviosily this works very well for you though as evidenced by your workout performance, so it doesn't matter much how others would fare. Personally never tried raw milk before, but I'm aware of the benefits and only wish I had a source close by to drink it regularly (despite being lactose intolerant). Closet spot is an 1.5 hrs away uhh! Also I've tried fermenting red cabbage one time before but let's just say it was a total failure.
What I like most about your diet is its simplicity. Nothing too complicated with WAM'ing food or counting calories, just eating good wholesome, fermented and pastured foods as mother nature prescribed. I like that.
Well, thanks again for the write-up and look forward to keeping track of your progress here as you continue to beat up the WOD.

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