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Re: Kelly Moore's Crossfit/competition KB log

6 minute 16k kb snatch set: 63L/61R. 21/20 rpm. Left hand had more remaining; right hand cramping near end of set, forcing a few seconds of overhead resting. I'll stay at this pace and time for at least another week and I will slowly increase my time, maybe by 15 or 30 second per hand increments. I know that idea goes against the belief that you need to make 1 minute per hand jumps, but I need to tailor training to what I am capable of handling. If I were just doing KB lifting one minute jumps would would probably work, but since KB lifting is in addition to the Crossfit WODs I can't manage that big a jump. I need to take small bites out of the elephant to successfully get it down.

5 minute break

Grace - 4:52 65# ATA squat cleans and overhead paused jerks (definitely jerks, not the push presses of old). My O-lift ability is about zero, and won't get any better until I can get coaching. At least I have some idea how to jerk now due to all the kb jerks I've been doing.
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