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Take it easy Daniel! No need for you to get offensive!:nono0000:

Calling people "Rogan-haters" for presenting a critical view of his commentary is ignorant and rude of you. It's like calling you a Rogan-Nut-Hugger for sticking up to him! Not a very nice thing now, is it?!

Botton line is, people here were presenting a critical view of his performance as a commentator much like he presents a critical view of the fighters and their performance. As a commentator, he comments on the fighters, and as fans, we comment on everything regarding the event/sport. It's as simple as that!

"Nobody here could give commentary on an event nearly as well as he has done for years."

How do you know that??!

Your type of post is characteristic of, not CF's message board. So realize where you are and come correct when posting.
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