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Dave Macdonald
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You know, I went out on a limb posting my feelings about this topic. This is not something I do often. I wish we knew each other better (crossfit forum members). I hope it's obvious I'm not trying to sell the film. I do have a lot of experience in athletics. I currently play rugby for the city I live in. I'm an educated, relatively normal guy. I watched something that inspired me. Similar to reading a crossfit newsletter (which is not free) or attending a great seminar (not free). I came here to share my experience and learn from others who may have had the same one. Some did. They also had a positive experience. I'm no stranger to visualization. I've used it for years to help my performance. This information was delivered differently. It's good information, Andy. It will make me a better player/coach. I wish this stuff was free. That’s just not how it works. If it did. I would ask Glenn Pendlay to send me a couple dozen crossfit bars, free (they are life changing). Are you playing rugby this season? If so, good luck. I play for Asheville, NC.
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