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Re: Do I have Rhabdo? Or am I just panicking?

And this is why so many of us cringe when we read yet another article by some Crossfit nay-sayer about Rhabdo...

Jeremy, how long have you been Crossfitting...really, what is your current experience and fitness level, period?

You just completed a workout with 300 ring rows. That is a LOT of repetition for multiple muscle groups, in a movement pattern that is similar to the pullup (which is often cited as the source of Rhabdo in these negative articles). I would venture to say that 300 ring rows, or pullups, or any movement that taxes any smaller muscle group, would put a significant strain on even a seasoned Crossfit athlete. That's just a ton of volume, period.

Do you have the actual symptoms of Rhabdo? While the immediate answer may be "yes" due to the weakness, apparent swelling and fatigue, it's hard to say without seeing a doctor if the symptoms persist. It's quite possible you just overdid it and killed your biceps.

If you're new to the sport, then you have to be aware of how you feel throughout the WOD, and if something hurts or feels "off" then you need to have the willpower to stop. Live to fight another day, as it were. If you performed this WOD at a box, with at least a L1 coach, then this should have been preached from day one. If not, you need to seriously consider the quality of your location.

Hydrate, get some electrolytes, a balanced meal...and take it easy. See how you feel in the next 12, 24, 48 hours. If you see no improvement, get yourself checked out. I hope all is ultimately well...
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