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Re: {TKA} Total Knee Arthroplasty

Originally Posted by Greg Griffith View Post
I think this is true. I was lifting more weight than my body weight, especially on deadlifts and squats. And I had problems that had to be fixed by additional surgery. Thankfully, the hardware was all good. For me, I plan to lighten the loads, a lot. After a suitable recovery period, that is.
Originally Posted by Pete Nadeau View Post
There are too many opinions about what kind of lifts and weights can be done without sacrificing the longevity of the knee. I don't lift over my body weight of 205 on Squats, Shoulder Press or Deadlifts
In addition to load, the other big concern is impact. I'm resigned to the fact that my running days are over, probably box-jumping as well (unless maybe it's okay to jump up and step down?). What do you guys think re skipping rope and burpees? I have made "ability to do a burpee" my definition of full recovery - but would they be dangerous?
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