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I was inspired to start a journal by Anthony, so i figured i might as well get started. I first posted about a month ago on the boards, but have only somewhat adopted the crossfit methodology. I have been incorporating some of the "girls" at the end of my BB style workouts, but after watching video of Anthony, and others, and following his journal, i've decided to go all out and follow the prescribed WOD on the 3 on 1 off schedule with NO bb at all. In the last month, i've done Lynne, Fran, and Cindy twice. They went ok, but more importantly i liked the way i felt after. So anyway, here goes with Day 1. Please feel free to leave any feedback, good or bad. Thanks.

Sunday 060326
Run 400 meters
50 Wall-ball shots
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
30 Pull-ups
50 Wall-ball shots
Run 400 meters

Time = 20:56

Substitutions - subbed thrusters with two 20 lb db's for wall ball shots, as i don't currently have a wall ball (though it should be here in a few days).

Comments- Felt like i was going to die! This can only improve.

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