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Brian Hyland
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Esophageal/Muscle Wall Strain???

Hey All,

Had a very heavy squat cleans workout on the 1st (today's the 7th) and am experiencing some interesting pain. It wasn't an acute pain as I didn't start feeling it for a day or two afterwards. But the past few days there's a stretching type of sensation/pain when I take a deep breath. In addition it hurts bad enough trying to swallow, even water, that I haven't been eating much. The pain is centered around the bottom of my sternum on the left side. I've also been burping quite a bit more than feels normal.

Anybody got any ideas about what I may have done to myself??? Or any suggestions on how to fix it?? If it's not much better by the end of the weekend I'll probably head to the Doc on Monday and see what they think, just wanted to see if anybody had experienced this before.
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